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ekkoBSD was a Unix-like operating system based on OpenBSD 3.3, also incorporating code from other BSD-like operating systems. Its focus was on security and easy administration. The default installation of ekkoBSD gave you an e-mail server, web server, ssh and several other services that would normally need to be added and secured.

The project was founded and managed by Rick Collette, and coded by a handful of programmers.

A concept that had been with ekkoBSD since its beginning were the implementations of "Single Servers". These are much like the single-floppy firewalls, rescue discs, etc. found within PicoBSD.

The ekkoBSD project's end was announced on the home page on July 18, 2004.

ekkoBSD Art Development was created and managed by Noah Eade for a brief time period, from early in the spring of 2004 until the project was ended. Multiple images, wallpapers and only one KDE theme was created by Noah Eade under the direction of Rick Collette.

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