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Country  Cameroon
Province Southwest Province
Department Ndian
Map of Ekondo Titi Municipality

Ekondo-Titi is a commune and arrondissement in the Ndian département, Southwest Province, western Cameroon.


Coordinates: 4°36′05″N 9°02′20″E / 4.60139°N 9.03889°E / 4.60139; 9.03889

Ekondo Titi is a suburban town and capital of the Ekondo Titi Sub Division. It is located in Ndian Division of the South West region of the Republic of Cameroon. The town is indigenous to the Balondo people, who form part of the Orokos. Economy Being a suburban area, the economy is predominantly agricultural with a strong wave of plantation agriculture in the area. The leading agricultural state corporation PAMOL is located in Lobe Estate. There is an ample supply of food crops in the area.

Transportation Ekondo Titi is a rural area with a very poor transport network. Earth roads rock the whole area and they often become very bad during the wet seasons.