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52 issue 20.jpg
Emerald eye of Ekron on the cover of 52 - Week 20. Art by J. G. Jones.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Adventure Comics #352 (January 1967)
Created by Jim Shooter (writer)
Curt Swan (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Ekron
Abilities Able to create beams and constructs of pure energy. Dominate the minds of others.

Ekron is a fictional character in the publications of DC Comics.[1]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Ekron is an ancient construct supposedly created by the Guardians of the Universe of Oa. By the 21st century it was little more than a large floating head serving as the Green Lantern of the planet Vengar. The eye of Ekron possesses properties and powers similar to those of the Green Lanterns' power rings, and was designed as the rings' prototype. During the Infinite Crisis event, one of Ekron's eyes was stolen by the alien bounty hunter Lobo, which left Ekron powerless against an invasion headed by the supervillain Lady Styx. This invasion annihilated all of the space sector Ekron was pledged to protect, driving the construct insane. Ekron's attempts to reclaim its lost eye pulled it into conflict with Lobo, and other DC characters such as Animal Man, Adam Strange, and Starfire, the latter of whom used the eye to stop villains from destroying an entire space sector.[1][2]

The eye of Ekron itself features prominently in many future-set storylines in the DC universe, as the weapon the "Eye of Ekron", wielded by the Emerald Empress of the Fatal Five, nemeses of the Legion of Super-Heroes.[1]

Powers and abilities[edit]

The eye of Ekron has many of the powers of a Green Lantern power ring. It can emit energy blasts and make constructs of pure energy. It can also give the user super strength, flight, and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space.[1]


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