Eksi Ekso

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Eksi Ekso
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Genres Post-Rock, Alternative Rock
Years active 2008 - present Eksi Ekso
Labels The Mylene Sheath
Magic Bullet Records
Website http://www.eksiekso.com/
Members Jacob Cole
Tom Korkidis
Sean Will

Eksi Ekso (pronounced 'ex-ee ex-o') is a post-rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, composed of Tom Korkidis (vocals/guitar/bass/keys/samples), Sean Will (trumpet/keys /samples), and Jacob Cole (drums/loops/percussion). The band has released two records including "I Am Your Bastard Wings" (2008), and "Brown Shark, Red Lion" (2011). Their third record, entitled "Archfiend", based on the life of 19th-century serial killer H. H. Holmes, is due to be released on May 7, 2013.




  • Tom Korkidis - vocals, guitar, baritone saxophone, bass, keyboard, samples
  • Sean Will - keyboard, flugelhorn, trumpet, samples
  • Jacob Cole - drums, percussion

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