Eksta Church

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Eksta Church
Eksta kyrka
Eksta kyrka.jpg
Eksta Church, external view
Eksta Church is located in Gotland
Eksta Church
Eksta Church
Location on Gotland
57°17′11″N 18°12′23″E / 57.2865°N 18.2064°E / 57.2865; 18.2064Coordinates: 57°17′11″N 18°12′23″E / 57.2865°N 18.2064°E / 57.2865; 18.2064
DenominationChurch of Sweden

Eksta Church (Swedish: Eksta kyrka) is a medieval Lutheran church in Eksta on the Swedish island of Gotland, in the Diocese of Visby.

History and architecture[edit]

The oldest part of Eksta Church is the tower, dating from the 13th century and still unchanged. The rest of the church is also from the Middle Ages, but was heavily rebuilt in 1838.[1] The church still has four medieval portals, in both Romanesque and Gothic style.[2] The interior of the church is largely Neoclassical, dating from the 1838 renovation.[2] A few traces of medieval frescos have survived on the walls, as have a single stained glass window pane.[1]

The church underwent a renovation in 2010.[3]


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