Ekstraklasa (futsal)

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Country Poland
Confederation UEFA
Founded November 6, 1994
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to I liga
Domestic cup(s) Polish Futsal Cup
Polish Futsal Super Cup
Polish Futsal League Cup
International cup(s) UEFA Futsal Cup
Current champions Wisła Krakbet Kraków
Most championships Clearex Chorzów (5)
P.A. Nova Gliwice (5)
TV partners Orange Sport
Website 90minut.pl
Current Season at UEFA.com

Futsal Ekstraklasa is the premier futsal league in Poland. It was founded November 6, 1994. Organized by the Futsal Ekstraklasa and is played under UEFA and FIFA rules, currently the league consists of 12 teams.


Season Winner
1994–95 P.A. Nova Gliwice
1995–96 P.A. Nova Gliwice
1996–97 Cuprum Polkowice
1997–98 Cuprum Polkowice
1998–99 P.A. Nova Gliwice
1999–00 Clearex Chorzow
2000–01 Clearex Chorzow
2001–02 Clearex Chorzow
2002–03 P.A. Nova Gliwice
2003–04 Baustal Kraków
2004–05 Baustal Kraków
Season Winner
2005–06 Clearex Chorzow
2006–07 Clearex Chorzow
2007–08 P.A. Nova Gliwice
2008–09 Hurtap Łęczyca
2009–10 Akademia FC Pniewy
2010–11 Akademia FC Pniewy
2011–12 Akademia FC Pniewy
2012–13 Wisła Krakbet Kraków
2013–14 Rekord Bielsko-Biała
2014–15 Wisła Krakbet Kraków

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