Elías M. Soto

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Elías M. Soto
Birth name Elias Mauricio Soto
Born (1858-09-22)22 September 1858
Cúcuta, Colombia
Died 11 October 1944(1944-10-11) (aged 86)
Cúcuta, Colombia
Occupation(s) Instrumentalist
Instruments Siren, bugle, trombón, tuba, piano, guitar, organ

Elias Mauricio Soto (born September 22, 1858 in Cúcuta, Colombia; died October 11, 1944 in the same city) played siren, bugle, trombón and tuba, piano, guitar and organ in several bands. He was also the director of the Departmental Band of Norte de Santander in Cúcuta.

One of his notable works is the bambuco "Brisas del Pamplonita" (in English "Breezes of the Pamplonita") composed for Elisa Ramirez, who he would eventually marry. Oriol Rangel included it for its degree of pianist in the National Conservatory.