Elżbieta Łukacijewska

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Elżbieta Łukacijewska
ElżBieta Katarzyna Łukacijewska, Poland-MIP-Europaparlament-by-Leila-Paul-1.jpg
member of Sejm 2005–2007
In office
September 25, 2005 – ?
Personal details
Born November 25, 1966
Nationality Polish
Political party Civic Platform
Video Statement (English) / (polish)

Elżbieta Łukacijewska ([ɛlʐˈbjɛta wukat͡ɕiˈjɛfska], born November 25, 1966 in Jasło) is a Polish politician. She was elected to the Sejm on September 25, 2005 getting 14,166 votes in 22 Krosno district, candidating from the Civic Platform list.

She was also a member of Sejm 2001–2005.

She was elected in 2009 as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), and re-elected in 2014.

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