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El 33
20080803-Canal 33.JPG
Launched 23 April 1988
Owned by Televisió de Catalunya
Audience share 1.5% (November 2012, )
Broadcast area Catalonia, Andorra, Northern Catalonia, Balearic islands and Valencian Country
Headquarters Sant Joan Despí
Formerly called Canal 33 (1988-2001)
Website www.el33.cat
PAL Vall d'Albaida: 38 UHF
Digital Barcelona: Mux 61
Girona: Mux 60
Lleida: Mux 58
Tarragona: Mux 59
Northern Catalonia: Mux 37
Balearic Islands: Mux 26 Andorra: Mux 36
Baix Cinca: Mux 59
Castelló: Mux 47
València: Mux 37
Ribera and Safor: Mux 55
Digital+ Channel 11
ONO Catalonia: Channel 11
Valencian Country: Channel 11
Movistar TV Catalonia: Channel 4

El 33 (Catalan pronunciation: [əɫ ˈtɾɛntə ˈtɾɛs]) is Catalonia's second public television channel. It belongs to Televisió de Catalunya, a subsidiary of the CCMA.

El 33 began trial broadcasts on 23 April 1988, and began regular transmissions exactly one year later on 23 April 1989. The channel was originally called Canal 33 until May 2001. In 2003 El 33 underwent a restructuring that split it into two channels that shared the same frequency: 33 and K3; this situation ended in April 2010, now El 33 broadcast 24 hours.


33 is a cultural and alternative channel. 33's programming consists of cultural programs, documentaries, debates, and some series. Formerly, this channel broadcast sports programming and sport events, but this programming has moved to the new sport channel Esport3.


Users can watch the 33 and all its programs in the 3alacarta website.

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