The Impatient Alchemist

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The Impatient Alchemist
Directed by Patricia Ferreira
Written by Lorenzo Silva (novel)
Patricia Ferreira
Enrique Jiménez
Starring Ingrid Rubio
Miguel Ángel Solá
Release dates
Running time
111 minutes
Country Spain / Argentina
Language Spanish

The Impatient Alchemist (Spanish: El Alquimista impaciente) is a 2002 Argentine thriller film directed and written by Patricia Ferreira. The film starred Ingrid Rubio and Miguel Ángel Solá.


Directed by Patri Ferreira, The Impatient Alchemist follows the efforts of two men and their investigation of a mysterious death. When Vila (Roberto Enriquez), a disillusioned psychologist-turned-cop, accompanied by his partner Chamorro (Ingrid Rubio), find a bound-and-gagged body of a nuclear plant worker in a motel room, the pair head off to interview the plant worker and the victim's wife. Though the case is closed fairly quickly, the body of a woman who had been partially devoured by wolves is found and believed to be connected to a mob boss named Vasili (Nacho Vidal). The first case is re-opened when the detectives discover that the employers of the victims were two dubiously run companies vying for dominance.

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