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El Alsson British & American International School
Saqqara Road, Haraniya, Giza
Type Private
Established 1982
School district Harrania
President Madame Somaya Amr and Mr Collin Rogers
Principal Mr Karl Wilkinson (1982 - 2013)
Mr Jaime Gurr (2013 -2015)
Staff 140
Number of students 1406
Color(s) Navy Blue and Yellow
Athletics Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Rugby
School fees [1]
Information (202) 3888510

El Alsson British & American Intl. School is a private school located in Giza, Egypt. The school is open to students of all backgrounds and offers instruction in the British and American curricula. El Alsson is owned by Mme Somaya and Mr. Colin Rogers.


El Alsson School was founded in 1982 using the Egyptian national curriculum. In 1992, a section instructing students in the British curriculum was introduced and the program led El Alsson to become one of the first schools to offer a British section from Foundation Stage 1 (3 year olds) to GCSE, AS and A-Level (18-year-olds). The school established an American Section K - 12 in 2004. The national section is no longer available. The school is set to go to its new campus in new giza in September 2017

British curriculum[edit]

The British section offers three subjects:

  • English/English Literature (double award)
  • Mathematics (Core)
  • Arabic/Religion Studies/Social Studies

Students then select five of the following options for their GCSEs (Year 10 - Year 11): Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, ICT, Geography, History, Drama, Art and Business Studies

At AS the school offers a choice of up to four subjects chosen from English Literature, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, ICT, Geography, History, Politics, French, Business Studies and Economics.

A2 (Year 13) is optional and is required only if a student wishes to complete a full A-level. However, students can only pursue three A2 subjects and usually do so by dropping one AS subject.

School council[edit]

The El Alsson School Council represents the student body. The Council is constituted of representatives from every class. From Year 11 onwards representatives occupy a more senior position in the running of various organizations. The Council is not politically aligned and does not involve itself in the day-to-day running of affairs of the school but are active in organising charity bake sales and events.


There are four houses: Karnak (blue), Siwa (yellow), Thebes (red), Memphis (green). For a couple of years the houses in the secondary school were Horus (blue), Sekhmet (yellow), Anubis (black) and Sobek (green). The houses compete in the Annual Alsson Library Quiz, Sports' Day, Rugby sevens matches and eleven aside football matches.

School library[edit]

The Eileen Lucas Library is a facility for students and teachers alike. The complex is used for recreational and research purposes. The library houses 20,000 books and has a Media Room adjacent. The Library is headed by Ms. Liliane Fahmy. The Library staff organise the Annual Alsson Library Quiz.

Sports' day[edit]

El Alsson organizes Sports' Day every year, which regularly takes place in the Maadi Olympic Stadium. Sports' Day is based around athletics. Sports day has to do with the school houses system.


  • Omar Samra: First Egyptian to climb Mount Everest

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