El Amarillo

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El Amarillo
Directed by Sergio Mazza
Produced by Sergio Mazza
Lorna Lawrie
Written by Sergio Mazza
Starring Gabriela Mayano
Alejandro Baratelli
Mirta Fratinni
Cinematography Luis Cámara
Edited by Sergio Mazza
Nicolás Moro
Mercedes Oliveira
Running time
90 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

El Amarillo (English language:The Lizard) is a 2006 Argentine drama film directed and written by Sergio Mazza. The film starred Gabriela Moyano, Alejandro Baratelli and Mirta Fratinni.


The film premiered in Argentina on 12 March 2006 at the Mar del Plata Film Festival. On 6 September 2006 it premiered at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.

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