The Adventures of El Ballo

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The Adventures of El Ballo
Software icon for The Adventures of El Ballo
Developer(s) ProRattaFactor
Publisher(s) Ambrosia Software
Platform(s) Mac OS, Mac OS X
Release September 19, 2005[1]
Genre(s) Platform/Action
Mode(s) single player

The Adventures of El Ballo is a 2D side-scrolling game for Mac OS 9 and X released by Ambrosia Software on September 19, 2005.[1] It contains mild animated nudity and includes parental controls.[2]


The game takes place on the planet Testicular which is located in the "Circular Assmosphere" solar system.[3] Testicular is populated by an unsanitary but peace-loving and playful alien race.[3] The evil Dr. Cough is out to cleanse the planet Testicular and to make the inhabitants give up their love of nakedness in favor of being clothed.[3][4] El Ballo, one of the aliens who lives on Testicular with such companions as "Butts" and "Boobs," must take on the Chlorine Copters, Mic the Mop, and other henchmen of Dr. Cough before heading to the castle where El Ballo must deal with the evil doctor.[2][4]


In MacWorld, Peter Cohen complimented the game's art and music but felt that the game play itself lacked fun.[2] Inside Mac Games gave El Ballo a 3.75 out of 10 rating, stating that the game play was unexciting and very easy though the game's plot was unique.[3] Also mentioned by Inside Mac Games was the issue of the game's adult theme posing concerns for parents, given the inclusion of sexual references in certain parts of the game and that the game's parental control feature was easy to bypass.[3]


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