El Benny

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El Benny
El Benny.JPG
Promotional poster
Directed by Jorge Luis Sánchez
Produced by Iohamil Navarro
Written by Abrahán Rodríguez
Jorge Luis Sánchez
Starring Renny Arozarena
Mario Guerra
Limara Meneses
Enrique Molina
Carlos Ever Fonseca
Cheryl Zaldivar
Music by Juan Manuel Ceruto
Cinematography José Manuel Riera
Edited by Manuel Iglesias
Release date
July 2006 (Cuba)
Country Cuba
Language Spanish

El Benny is a Cuban film released in 2006, directed and co-written by Jorge Luis Sánchez, his first feature-length film. It is a fictional story based on the life of the famous Cuban musician Benny Moré. It includes new versions of his songs performed by musicians including Chucho Valdés, Juan Formell, Haila and Orishas.

The film premiered in Cuba in July 2006, and was presented at the Locarno International Film Festival in August 2006, where its star, Renny Arozarena, won the Boccalino prize for best performance for protagonist in all sections of festival. The film was Cuba's candidate for the Academy Awards. The film won the "First Work" (Opera Prima) award at the New Latin American Cinema festival in Havana in December 2006. It received its official U.S. premiere at the "Palm Springs International Film Festival" on 6 January 2007, and its east coast premiere at the Miami International Film Festival in March 2007.

The director, Sánchez, is distantly related to Benny Moré.


  • Renny Arozarena: Benny Moré
  • Juan Manuel Villy Carbonell: Benny Moré (singing voice)
  • Enrique Molina: Olimpio
  • Carlos Ever Fonseca: Angeluis
  • Mario Guerra: Monchy
  • Limara Meneses: Aida
  • Isabel Santos: Maggie
  • Salvador Wood: Grandfather
  • Laura de la Uz: Irene
  • Kike Quiñones: Pedrito
  • Carlos Massola: León Arévalo
  • Félix Pérez: Genaro (Benny's grandfather)
  • Cheryl Zaldívar: Sofía
  • Husmell Díaz: Arnulfo
  • Serafín García Aguiar: Gutiérrez
  • Marcela Morales: Natalia
  • Rakel Adriana: Doñita
  • Bárbara Hernández: Lydia (nurse)
  • Jorge Ferdecaz: Olegario
  • Ulyk Anello: Duany
  • Mayra Mazorra: Benny's Mother
  • Carlos Arévalo: Músico Mexicano


  • Director: Jorge Luis Sánchez
  • Script: Abrahán Rodríguez and Jorge Luis Sánchez
  • Executive Producers: Camilo Vives, Simone Haggiag, Alexandre de Lesseps
  • Producer: Iohamil Navarro
  • Production Manager: Olga María Fernández
  • Director of Photography: José Manuel Riera
  • Editor: Manuel Iglesias
  • Score: Juan Manuel Ceruto
  • Production, Direction, Reorchestration and Arrangements of Benny Moré's Music: Juan Manuel Ceruto
  • Score: Juan Formell, Juan Manuel Ceruto and Eduardo Ramos
  • Production Design: Erick Grass
  • Costume Design: Nanette García
  • Choreography: Isidro Rolando
  • Sound Editing and Postproduction: Osmani Olivare
  • Production Sound: Ricardo Istueta
  • Director's Assistant: Juan Carlos Tellez
  • Make Up: Magali Pompa

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