El Buur

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El Buur
El Buur skyline
El Buur skyline
El Buur is located in Somalia
El Buur
El Buur
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 4°41′N 46°37′E / 4.683°N 46.617°E / 4.683; 46.617Coordinates: 4°41′N 46°37′E / 4.683°N 46.617°E / 4.683; 46.617


Region Galgaduud
District El Buur
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

El Buur (Somali: Ceelbuur) is a town in central Somalia in the Galmudug Autonomous region of Somalia. It was formerly the capital of the Galgaduud region.


El Buur is an old historical town which has been inhabited since at least the 16th century, it once served as a local commercial hub.

The area is particularly noted as a center for quarrying. Here, the meerschaum (sepiolite) used to make the Somali people's trademark dabqaad incense burner is mined.[1] El Buur is also the place of origin of the local pipe-making industry.[1]


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