El Capitán Pérez

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El Capitán Pérez
Directed by Enrique Cahen Salaberry
Produced by Sur
Written by Mauricio Rosenthal
Pedro E. Pico
Starring Olinda Bozán
José Olarra
Alberto Bello
Francisco de Paula
Fanny Navarro
Music by Alejandro Gutiérrez del Barrio
Release date
February 7, 1946
Running time
70 min.
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

El Capitán Pérez (English: Captain Pérez) is a 1946 Argentine black-and-white film. It was directed by Enrique Cahen Salaberry and written by Mauricio Rosenthal and Pedro E. Pico based upon the short story of Carlos Octavio Bunge. It premiered on February 7, 1946.[1][unreliable source?]