El Capricho

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El Capricho

El Capricho is a villa in Comillas, Cantabria, Spain, designed by Antoni Gaudí. It was built in 1883-1885 for the summer use of a wealthy client, Máximo Díaz de Quijano.[1]

Gaudi, who designed only a small number of buildings outside Catalonia, was involved with other projects at Comillas. He was the assistant of Joan Martorell on another summer residence, the palacio de Sobrellano.

El Capricho belongs to the architect's orientalist period. The tower has been compared to a minaret.


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Coordinates: 43°23′01″N 4°17′34″W / 43.3837°N 4.2927°W / 43.3837; -4.2927