El Coahuilón

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El Coahuilón is a mountain range located on the southeast side of the Mexican state of Coahuila, extending into Nuevo León. The highest peak in the formation is about 3,460 metres high. These mountains are part of the Sierra Madre Oriental, a system that runs from northeastern Mexico to the south side of the country and that joins with the Sierra Madre Occidental at the narrowest part of Mexico in Tehuantepec, Oaxaca.

The landscape at the slopes of El Coahuilón are woodlands; plenty of forest with pine, fir and other evergreen tree species; Pinus ayacahuite (Mexican White Pine), Pinus hartwegii (Hartweg's Pine), Pinus cembroides (Mexican Pinyon) and Pinus culminicola (Potosi Pinyon); furthermore, this ecosystem has plenty of evergreen oaks and bushes.

In 1975, a major wildfire swept through a large portion of El Coahuilón, causing widespread damage to its slopes, but the landscape has begun to recover.

Coordinates: 25°14′N 100°20′W / 25.233°N 100.333°W / 25.233; -100.333