El Cocuy National Park

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El Cocuy National Park
Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy
IUCN category II (national park)
Cocuy Pico Aguja 22.01.2009.jpg
Pico Aguja (5.000 m), seen from North.
Map showing the location of El Cocuy National Park
Map showing the location of El Cocuy National Park
Map of Colombia
LocationAndes Mountains, Colombia
Nearest cityEl Cocuy
Coordinates6°30′04″N 72°07′12″W / 6.501°N 72.12°W / 6.501; -72.12[1]Coordinates: 6°30′04″N 72°07′12″W / 6.501°N 72.12°W / 6.501; -72.12[1]
Area3,060 km2 (1,180 sq mi)

El Cocuy National Park is a national park located in the Andes Mountains within the nation of Colombia. Its official name is Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy.[2]


Because of its high altitude, and although it is located close to the equator, El Cocuy is characterized by post-glacial geological morphology, including steep slopes, cirques, moraines, and glacier-gouged lakes La Pintada and La Cuadrada. The park's topography covers 4,500 meters (15,000 feet) from its lowest point to its highest point. The park is visited by climbers and rockclimbers of all skill levels.[2]


El Cocuy National Park is located in the Department of Boyacá, near the villages of El Cocuy and Güicán.[2]

Current events[edit]

The national park's glacial heritage has made climate change a key element in the park's future. An 1851 watercolor of the "Great Snowfields near Güicán" shows Mount Chita fully capped in snow.[3] As of 2009, the national park's historic icefield has shrunk to scattered snowcaps, and is expected to entirely disappear within a few decades.[2]


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