El Comedor

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Rock Island El Comedor
Manufacturer Pullman-Standard
Constructed 1947
Diagram Plan 7517
Fleet numbers 428
Capacity 36 diners
Operator(s) Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad
Line(s) served Golden Rocket
Golden State
Car length 85 feet (26 m)
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)

El Comedor (RI #428) is former Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad dining car, built in 1947 by Pullman-Standard to plan 7517 for the Golden Rocket, "the train that never was." It was subsequently added to the consist of the Golden State along with its brethren, and stayed with the train for many years after. The car is noted for its beautiful copper interior and Mexican theme. The hammered-copper grilles and window trim were designed by the Mexican artist Jesus Torres, of the Hull House, Chicago, Illinois. [1]

El Comedor seats 48 people at 12 tables. For a number of years this car was parked in the LaSalle Street Station in Chicago where it was used as a stationary diner, serving patrons of the station. The car is now smooth-sided in stainless steel, and is in the collection of the Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati in the Latonia area of Covington, Kentucky.

Comedor is a Spanish language word for diner or a railway dining car.