El Comegente

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"El Comegente"
Song by Soulfly
from the album Savages
ReleasedSeptember 30, 2013
FormatDigital download
GenreGroove metal, death metal
LabelNuclear Blast
Songwriter(s)Max Cavalera, Tony Campos
Producer(s)Terry Date

"El Comegente" is a song recorded by Soulfly for their ninth album Savages. The song plays a slow, death-laden grooves, followed by Led Zeppelin-like acoustic bass solo performed by Tony Campos beginning about five minutes into the song. Guitarist Marc Rizzo calls this solo "Mars Part Two."[1]

Campos was the first to suggest the song about the serial killer and cannibal Dorángel Vargas,[2] titling after Vargas' nickname El comegente (Spanish for "people eater"). He helped Max Cavalera write lyrics and sing together — Campos screams in Spanish while Cavalera growls in Portuguese.[3]


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