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El Dandy
Birth nameRoberto Gutiérrez Frías
Born (1962-10-02) October 2, 1962 (age 56)[1]
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico[1]
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s)El Dandy[1]
El rudo de los ojos verdes[1]
Billed height1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)[1]
Billed weight91 kg (201 lb)[1]
Trained byDiablo Velasco[1][2]
Pedro Anguiano[1]

Roberto Gutiérrez Frías (born October 2, 1962) is a retired Mexican professional wrestler who has had most of his success in Lucha libre as El Dandy throughout the 1990s.[1]

Professional wrestling career[edit]

El Dandy was a mainstay with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, having feuds with major stars like Satánico, El Hijo del Santo, and Emilio Charles, Jr. He also had a run with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and, in the late 1990s, had a hand in training Amy Dumas, better known as Lita, of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fame. Dumas also served as Dandy's manager for a time.

During the majority of his career in WCW, Dandy was a rather low-card performer, one of many luchadors hired by the company to add some variety to its programs. Prior to a cruiserweight battle royal at Slamboree '98, Chris Jericho famously insulted several contenders, stating that Dandy was the winner of Lou Ferrigno lookalike contest. Later that year, Dandy was a member of the Latino World Order, a group of Mexican wrestlers led by Eddie Guerrero. Shortly after Guerrero's real-life car accident on New Year's Day, however, the group was forced to disband by the reformed nWo.

On the spring break edition of WCW Monday Nitro on March 22, 1999, Dandy took part in an 8-man tag team bout. Later on in the night, WCW Champion Ric Flair held a random drawing to decide a challenger for his title for the main event. Dandy held the winning number but had a bandaged arm from his earlier match. He instead gave the title shot to a highly popular fellow luchador, Rey Mysterio, Jr., who came close to winning but lost via DQ due to a biased referee in Charles Robinson as well as interference from Arn Anderson.[3]

In 2000, Dandy briefly partnered with Silver King to form Los Fabulosos: the hottest men in Latin America. Stacy Keibler, having recently left Standards and Practices, managed the team and lead them to their first major victories in WCW.

Throughout his WCW career, however, Dandy was used as a preliminary wrestler and became somewhat of a cult figure after Bret Hart said "Who are you to doubt El Dandy?" during an interview where Gene Okerlund was asking about challengers for Hart's United States Heavyweight Championship. Bret Hart has referred to El Dandy as "a jam up guy" and "a serious professional".

After leaving WCW, he went back to Mexico as part of AAA but left a year later to work as an independent. In 2004, his match against L.A. Park was voted Box y Lucha's match of the year. El Dandy made a series of matches with his longtime rival El Satanico to celebrate his retirement from the wrestling circle in 2014.

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

Luchas de Apuestas record[edit]

Winner (wager) Loser (wager) Location Event Date Notes
El Dandy (hair) César Dantés (hair) N/A Live event N/A  
El Dandy (hair) Apolo Dantés (hair) N/A Live event N/A  
El Dandy (hair) Apolo Dantés (hair) N/A Live event N/A  
El Dandy (hair) Pirata Morgan (hair) N/A Live event N/A  
El Dandy (hair) Pirata Morgan (hair) N/A Live event N/A  
El Dandy (hair) El Satánico (hair) N/A Live event N/A  
El Dandy (hair) Caballero Rojo (mask) and Yanco (hair) Mexico City Live event 1982  
El Dandy (hair) Caballero Rojo (hair) Mexico City Live event September 1982  
El Dandy (hair) El Guerrero (hair) Acapulco, Guerrero Live event February 2, 1983  
Draw El Dandy (hair) / Dardo Aguilar (hair) Mexico City Live event May 29, 1983
El Dandy (hair) Módulo (hair) Mexico City Live event July 31, 1983  
El Dandy (hair) Módulo (hair) Mexico City Live event August 7, 1983  
El Dandy (hair) Joel García (hair) Mexico City Live event December 14, 1983  
El Dandy (hair) Javier Cruz (hair) [Mexico City Live event October 26, 1984 [Note 1]
Los Bravos
(Fuerza Guerrera (mask), El Dandy (hair) and Talisman (hair)
Los Destructores
(Lemús II (mask), Tony Arce (hair) and Vulcano (hair))
Mexico City Live Event July 5, 1985 [6][7]
El Dandy (hair) Gran Cochisse (hair) Mexico City Live event December 1985  
El Dandy (hair) Javier Cruz (hair) Mexico City Live event August 31, 1986  
Los Misioneros de la Muerte (hair)
(El Signo, El Texano and Negro Navarro)
El Dandy, Talismán and Jerry Estrada (hair) Mexico City Live event September 5, 1986  
El Dandy (hair) Aristóteles I (hair) Acapulco, Guerrero Live event March 18, 1987  
El Dandy (hair) Hombre Bala (hair) N/A Live event August 1987  
El Satánico (hair) El Dandy (hair) Mexico City Live event October 1987  
El Dandy and Javier Cruz (hair) Rizado Ruiz and Rudy Reyna (hair) Acapulco, Guerrero Live event May 4, 1988  
El Dandy (hair) Bestia Salvaje (hair) Mexico City Live event October 2, 1988  
El Dandy (hair) Emilio Charles, Jr. (hair) Mexico City Live event July 28, 989  
El Dandy (hair) El Satánico (hair) Mexico City Juicio Final December 14, 1990 [8]
El Satánico (hair) El Dandy (hair) Mexico City Live event December 6, 1991  
El Dandy (hair) El Satánico (hair) Mexico City CMLL 59th Anniversary Show September 18, 1992 [9]
El Dandy (hair) La Fiera (hair) Mexico City Live event November 27, 1992  
Emilio Charles, Jr. (hair) El Dandy (hair) Mexico City Live event October 29, 1993  
El Dandy (hair) Babe Face (hair) Mexico City Live event August 1, 1996  
El Dandy (hair) Chicago Express (hair) Mexico City Live event September 3, 1996  
El Hijo del Santo (hair) El Dandy (hair) Mexico City Live event December 6, 1996 [Note 2]
Antifaz del Norte (mask) El Dandy (hair) Monterrey, Nuevo León Live event September 17, 2000 [10]
El Dandy (hair) Brazo de Platino (hair) Cuernavaca, Morelos Live event May 30, 2001  
La Parka (mask) El Dandy (hair) Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Live event April 6, 2001 [Note 3]
El Dandy (hair) Negro Navarro (hair) Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico State Live event September 3, 2001  
El Dandy (hair) El Enterrador (hair) Naucalpan, Mexico State Live event February 14, 2002 [Note 4]
Perro Aguayo Jr. (hair) El Dandy (hair) Monterrey, Nuevo León Verano de Escándalo September 16, 2002 [Note 5]
El Hijo del Santo (mask) El Dandy (hair) Tijuana, Baja California Live event 2004  


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  2. ^ This was a three way match that also included Negro Casas.
  3. ^ This was a three way match that also included Bestia Salvaje.
  4. ^ El Dandy and El Enterrador were the last two wrestlers in a ten-man steel cage match.
  5. ^ Four-way match that also included Hátor and El Zorro


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