El Diario de Caracas

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El Diario de Caracas logo.png
Logo of El Diario de Caracas
Type Digital newspaper
Format Website
Founded 1979
Language Spanish
Ceased publication 1995
Headquarters Caracas, Venezuela
Website El Diario de Caracas

El Diario de Caracas, now eldiariodeCaracas.com, was one of the best known newspapers of Venezuela. The paper was founded in 1979 by a group of investors who had the concern to launch a tabloid newspaper with a critical orientation both socio-culturally and politically. It was co-founded in 1979 by Diego Arria and the writer Tomás Eloy Martínez. Argentine exile, Rodolfo Terragno, was at one time its editor-in-chief. The Group 1BC, owner of RCTV, would subsequently obtain a majority shareholder stake in El Diario de Caracas taking its lead.

The newspaper would continue to grow to become a reference of the capital city and the country and its opinion columns would obtain great recognition. During the eighties, thought, it saw its financial capacity reduced despite the fact that its circulation had grown exponentially. The board of shareholders of IBC-RCTV decided to close its doors in 1995.

El Diario de Caracas subsequently integrates with The Daily Journal, a Venezuelan newspaper in English, home owned by Peruvian businessman Julio Augusto Lopez Enriquez, who sold to El Diario de Caracas in 2004.

After several changes of shareholders and relaunch attempts, El Diario de Caracas stopped circulating as printed newspaper.

From May 2, 2012, El Diario de Caracas returns in its digital version diariodeCaracas.com in the Internet cloud.

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