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El Dorado Rum is a Rum brand produced by Demerara Distillers in Guyana.

Age statement[edit]

The distiller claims the flavours of the oak wood from the barrels and the complexities of the interaction between wood and spirit are increased by the tropical climate of Guyana. The ageing process[1] in Guyana is supposedly greatly increased by the high humidity and steady temperature – resulting in an 8 year old rum, for instance, having a maturity claimed to be equal to that of a 16-year-old spirit produced in colder climates.

El Dorado rums are blended selections of different ‘vintages’ or batches of rums from different stills, aged in oak barrels. The age statement specifically indicates the youngest rum in the blend. This rule is the same as the one for Scotch Whisky and is used for rums produced in English-speaking countries. In contrast, the age statement on the label of rums produced by the Solera system indicates the oldest rum contained in the blend. This is a traditional method of ageing used in sherry production and is usually associated with rums from Spanish-speaking countries.


They have been announced as an official partner of the inaugural tournament of the 2013 Caribbean Premier League. El Dorado will sponsor the tournament’s Catch of the Match award, which will go to one player in each of the 24 matches who makes a catch.[2]



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