El Expreso de la Costa

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El Expreso de la Costa

El Expreso de la Costa.svg

El Expreso.jpg
First logo of El Expreso de la Costa (2000–12), and front page of the newspaper's 100th edition, published in January 2013.
Type Online
Former monthly newspaper
Format Online newspaper
Former tabloid
Owner(s) Félix Calderón
Editor Félix Calderón
Founded 2000
Language Spanish
Headquarters  Pichilemu
Website expresodelacosta.cl

El Expreso de la Costa (English: The Express of the Coast) is a Chilean online newspaper, formerly a monthly newspaper, based in Pichilemu, O'Higgins Region.[1] El Expreso circulated throughout the Cardenal Caro Province, of which Pichilemu is the capital.[1]

Expreso's editor, Félix Calderón Vargas

The newspaper is directed by Félix Calderón Vargas.[2] El Expreso's first edition was published on 30 June 2000, with ten more editions coming later until the newspaper's suspension in that same year. The newspaper was re-activated in 2005, with its twelfth edition published on 7 October of that year; El Expreso was continuously published until July 2015.[3]

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