El Guapo (comics)

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El Guapo
XSTATIX 11.jpg
Cover to X-Statix #11.
Cover Art by Mike Allred.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Statix #9 (April, 2003)
Created by Peter Milligan
Mike Allred
In-story information
Alter ego Robert Rodriguez
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations X-Statix
Abilities Symbiotic relationship with a sentient, super-powered skateboard

El Guapo (Robbie Rodriguez), which in Spanish means either "the Handsome One" or "The Brave One" (depending on a dialect) is a fictional mutant character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in X-Statix #9.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Robbie was initially a stuntman for X-Statix: The Movie, a fictionalized account of the popular team's exploits. He was formally recruited after he saved the team from Sharon Ginsberg, a dangerous mutant who blamed X-Statix for the amputation of her wings. He utilized his sentient skateboard in this incident. The team thought his youth and good looks would give them a much-needed fresh face, and Vivisector in particular was attracted to him.

It is initially difficult for Robbie to adjust to the devil-may-care, Hollywood lifestyle of his teammates. Though he tries to remain faithful to his human girlfriend, Consuela, he eventually has a tryst with two models that was secretly filmed by Doop and sold to the tabloids. Consuela leaves him and, unfortunately for Robbie, the sentient skateboard fancies her and took revenge by beating Robbie severely. Robbie, who prides himself on his good looks, could only helplessly cry, "Not the face!" as he was attacked.

One of El Guapo's first missions involves rescuing Henrietta Hunter from Euro-Trash, a group of foreign assassins. However, El Guapo had been personally sweet-talked by the team's owner, Spike Freeman (who was temporarily imprisoned by the team), into possibly betraying the team and killing Hunter in the heat of battle. 'Blind Ali', an Iraqi mutant, gets the drop on Hunter when the battle moves into an X-Statix outlet store. After a moment's hesitation, Guapo decapitates Ali via his skateboard. Yet despite this, El Guapo goes with the team's decision to later kill Hunter themselves after she grabs the spotlight and leadership position. They do not go through with the idea.

Robbie adjusts to life with X-Statix. During a mission against the Taliban he asks if this was a setup by team owner and was told it was not. Minutes later, a stray missile blows off both his legs. The rest of the opponents are slain by X-Statix, which includes Hunter. Robbie is allowed to stay on the team. His skateboard serves as a makeshift wheelchair, conveying him wherever he desires to go.

Robbie survives the death of more teammates, Phat and Henrietta Hunter, both killed by a murderous cult leader named Mister Code. Spike even dies, killed by the Orphan for being in league with Code.


Hunter, however, had more business even after death. She comes back to curse anyone who hums a release of a song produced after her death. The X-Statix team believes the curse is over when the head record executive dies of a massive heart attack. Later, Robbie hums part of the song while he and the team are deep in X-Statix headquarters. His flying skateboard goes out of control and Robbie smashes into a wall. The board ends up impaling him through the heart. Like the rest of Hunter's victims, his face and eyeballs are distended.

Hunter is put to rest when X-Statix hunts down the rest of the politicians who had caused her first death.

He is seen briefly flying on his skateboard in heaven.[1]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Rodriguez is a mutant who had no real powers of his own but possessed a symbiotic relationship with his superpowered flying skateboard, which was seemingly alive and had an abusive relationship with him. Rodriguez's health would also deteriorate if the skateboard was separated from him for long.


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