El Jedid Mosque

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Minaret of the El Jedid Mosque

El Jedid Mosque is a mosque in Tunis, Tunisia, located in Medina area of the city.

The mosque was built in 1726 under the order of the sovereign Al-Husayn I ibn Ali at-Turki, founder of the Husaynid dynasty. It is part of an architectural complex which consists of the mosque, a madrasa and mausoleum in which Sidi Kacem did Sebabti was buried. Over the years it had many notable preachers including Sheikh Ahmed Bin Ali Mustafa year-Nemichi al Hanafi and Sheikh Mohamed Ben Ahmed Ben Hamda Sharif. The ceramic coating on the walls of the building was imported from Isnik, Turkey.[1]


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Coordinates: 36°47′41″N 10°10′26″E / 36.7948°N 10.1738°E / 36.7948; 10.1738