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El Kala
La Calle
The old fishing harbor at El Kala facing the decomissioned Saint Cyprien Church
The old fishing harbor at El Kala facing the decomissioned Saint Cyprien Church

El Kala (Arabic: القالة‎‎, French: formerly La Calle, Latin Thinisa in Numidia) is a seaport of Algeria, in El Tarf Province, 56 miles (90 km) by rail east of Annaba and 10 miles (16 km) west of the Tunisian frontier. It is the centre of the Algerian and Tunisian coral fisheries and has an extensive industry in the curing of sardines. The harbor is small and exposed to the northeast and west winds.

El Kala attracts tourists from within and outside the country, especially during the summer. It is home to an exceptional ecosystem and is a biodiversity zone protected by the UNESCO.


Ruins from Bastion de France. A popularly frequented beach adjacent to the ruins of the bastion is named "La Vielle Calle."

Thinisa in Numidia was an Ancient city in the Roman province of Numidia. It was important enough to become a bishopric. The old fortified town was built on a rocky peninsula about 400 metres long, connected with the mainland by a bank of sand.

French and Italian coral fishing companies were interested in the area from as early as 1553. A trade bastion called "Bastion de France" by its Corsican founders was established during that period principally for the exploitation of Red coral and also to facilitate trade between southern France and that part of Northern Algeria. The bastion would be shut down and returned under rule of the Bey of Constantine in 1816.

After the occupation of La Calle by the French in 1836, a new town was built up along the coast.

Titular see of Thinisa in Numidia[edit]

In 1933, the Ancient diocese of Thinisa in Numidia was nominally restored as a Catholic titular see of the lowest (episcopal) rank.

The old fishing harbor of El Kala by night. A trade-oriented harbor is under construction in the western side of town.

Coordinates: 36°54′N 8°27′E / 36.900°N 8.450°E / 36.900; 8.450

It has had the following incumbents:

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