El Khabar

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El Khabar
El Khabar logo.
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)El Khabar
EditorAli Djeri
Founded1990; 29 years ago (1990)
Political alignmentCentre-left
LanguageArabic, French
HeadquartersAlgiers, Algeria
Circulation500,000 (May 2006 - May 2007)

Elkhabar (in Arabic الخبر meaning The News) is a daily newspaper in Algeria published seven days a week in the tabloid format. It is one of the most widely read Algerian newspapers.

El Khabar′s web service[1] publishes selected news in Arabic and French, with a minor section in English, though often poorly translated.

History and profile[edit]

After the fall of Algeria's one-party system in 1988, which tightly controlled the press, a group of young journalist issued the first edition of El Khabar in Algiers on 1 November 1990.[2] The daily which has an independent stance is published in the tabloid format.[3]

In August 2003 El Khabar temporarily ceased publication due to its debt to state-run printing presses.[4]

The paper's online version was the sixth most visited website for 2010 in the MENA region.[5]

Political views and controversies[edit]

The paper is independent and has no party affiliation.[3] The paper's critical reporting has resulted in numerous run-ins with the Algerian government, which on a couple of occasions has sent reporters and editors to jail.[6] El Khabar staff was also threatened and attacked by Islamist rebels during Algeria's long and vicious civil war, which began in 1992.

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