El Mani Pavilion

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El Mani Pavilion
El mani.JPG
Location Sabanetas, Mayagüez
Capacity 2,500
Built 2010
Opened 2010
Construction cost $3,500,000[1]

El Mani Pavilion is a pavilion being built in El Mani, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.[2] At the site there was a covered basketball court; this was demolished to make way for the new building. It cost $3,500,000 to build.[3] It was originally going to host the boxing events at the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games but now it will hold the handball events.[4]


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Coordinates: 18°14′49.26″N 67°10′27.01″W / 18.2470167°N 67.1741694°W / 18.2470167; -67.1741694