El Maresme – Fòrum (Barcelona Metro)

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The correct title of this article is El Maresme | Fòrum (Barcelona Metro). It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.
The station's platforms as seen from inside on one the accesses.

El Maresme | Fòrum is a Barcelona Metro station located between Carrer del Maresme and Rambla de Prim, near the Forum site, in the Sant Martí district of Barcelona. It's served by L4 (yellow line), as well as providing a connection with the Trambesòs route T4. It was opened in 2003, even though the section of the tunnel where the station is located has been in use since 1982.


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toward La Pau

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Coordinates: 41°24′43″N 2°13′01″E / 41.412°N 2.217°E / 41.412; 2.217