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Mr World Mexico refers to the pageant title given to the Mexican men chosen to represent Mexico at the international male beauty pageant Mister World. The nation has taken part in every edition of Mister World ever since its establishment in 1996, debut year in which Mexico's Gabriel Soto placed second (first runner-up) — the highest placement achieved by a Mexican contestant in that event to this day.

As of 2016, the Miss Mexico Organization is in charge of making the selection of the country's delegate to Mister World, generally occurring every year the (usually biannual) global competition takes place. Lupita Jones and the Nuestra Belleza México organization previously held the Mister World franchise in Mexico (from 1996 to 2016) and dubbed the national contest as El Modelo México, literally The (male) Model Mexico.


Below are the names of the Mr World Mexico titleholders (known as El Modelo Mexico from 1996 to 2014), their state of origin and their final placements in Mister World after their participation, all in ascending order.

Year Representative State Placement Award/Title
2019 Brian Arturo Faugier Nuevo León 2nd Runner-up Mister World Americas
2016 Aldo Esparza Ramírez Jalisco 2nd Runner-up
2014 José Pablo Minor Medrano Distrito Federal 2nd Runner-up
Alejandro Villanueva Valencia Michoacán Did not compete[b]
2012 Enrique Ramírez Mayagoitia Nuevo León
2010 Álvaro Álvarez Sepúlveda Distrito Federal Top 15
2007 Jorge Aceves Villalpando Jalisco
2003 José Luis Reséndez Santos Nuevo León 3rd Runner-up
2000 Guido Quiles Distrito Federal Top 10
1999 Ernesto Valenzuela Chaires Jalisco Did not compete[a]
1998 Eduardo Rodríguez Álvarez San Luis Potosí
1996 Gabriel Soto Borja-Díaz Distrito Federal 1st Runner-up
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  •   Declared as winner.
  •   Ended as runner-up.
  •   Ended as finalist or semi-finalist.

By state wins[edit]

Rank State Titles Winning years
1  Distrito Federal 4 1996, 2000, 2010, 2014[b]
2  Jalisco 3 1999, 2007, 2016
 Nuevo León 2003, 2012,2019
3  Michoacán 1 2014[b]
 San Luis Potosí 1998

a Mister World was postponed that year, therefore delegate could not compete.
b The original titleholder Alejandro Valencia was replaced due a motorcycle accident from which recovery time interfered with his participation.

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