El Mundo Cabe en Una Canción

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El Mundo Cabe en Una Canción
Fito Paez - El Mundo.jpg
Studio album by Fito Páez
Released September 21, 2006
Recorded June – August, 2006 at Circo Beat Studios, Argentina
Genre Latin pop, Rock en Español
Label Sony BMG
Producer Fito Páez[1]
Fito Páez chronology
Moda y Pueblo
(2005)Moda y Pueblo2005
El Mundo Cabe en Una Canción

El Mundo Cabe en Una Canción (The World Fits in a Song) is a studio album released by Argentinian recording artist Fito Páez. Released by Sony BMG in September 21, 2006, it was recorded at the Circo Beat Studios in Argentina.[1] The album track list was ordered by Páez on a specific sequence telling a "story". To promote the album, Páez released "Eso Que Llevas Ahí" as the lead single. El Mundo earned Páez a Latin Grammy for Best Rock Solo Vocal Album, and was certified gold by the Argentine Chamber of Phonograms and Videograms Producers.[2][3]


Following the recording and release of the live album Moda y Pueblo in 2005, a collaborative album with Gerardo Gandini, Fito Páez recorded El Mundo Cabe en Una Canción at his Circo Beat Studios in Argentina from June to September 2006, while his second film as director, ¿De Quién es el Portaligas? (Whose is the Garter Belt?), was being edited.[4] El Mundo is the first studio album recorded by Páez since the Latin Grammy Award nominated album Naturaleza Sangre (2005).[4][5] About the album, Paéz said: "it was born as a music, I listened and then I placed the lyrics... it is a political issue, in the deepest sense of the word."[4]


Páez thought the content of the album in Córdoba, Spain in 2005, on a trip with his musicians and friends, Coki Debernardi and Vandera. The songs included on El Mundo are ordered in a specific secuence telling a "story", with all tracks written by Páez, with additional music by Debernardi on the song "Fué Por Amor".[4] "La Hora del Destino" tells the story of a man who goes out to steal and his partner betrays him. "La Casa en las Estrellas" ended in a four-stroke format with drum and bass and a rhythm and blues beat. "Eso Que Llevas Ahí", the lead single from the album, had several takes before the final one, becoming the only track on the album to be recorded live, with Vadalá playing bass and Pete Thomas on drums. The last song is a tribute to Páez' native town, Rosario.[4]

Track listing[edit]

This track listing adapted from Allmusic and liner notes.[1][6]

All tracks written by Fito Páez (except where noted).

No. Title Length
1. "El Mundo Cabe en Una Canción [The World Fit In A Song]" 3:21
2. "Rollinga o Miranda Girl" 3:02
3. "Te Aliviará [You Relief]" 4:43
4. "Sargent Maravilla" 3:50
5. "Entrance" 2:50
6. "Fué Por Amor (written by Coki Debernardi and Páez)" 4:19
7. "Eso Que Llevas Ahí" 3:43
8. "Intermezzo" 1:28
9. "La Hora del Destino" 2:54
10. "Enloquecer" 4:24
11. "La Casa en las Estrellas" 4:46
12. "Caminando por Rosario" 3:57




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