El Palmar National Park

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El Palmar National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Parque Nacional El Palmar (3).jpg
Location Entre Ríos Province, Argentina
Nearest city Colón, Entre Ríos
Coordinates 31°51′11″S 58°19′21″W / 31.85306°S 58.32250°W / -31.85306; -58.32250Coordinates: 31°51′11″S 58°19′21″W / 31.85306°S 58.32250°W / -31.85306; -58.32250
Area 85 km²
Established 1966
Governing body Administración de Parques Nacionales

El Palmar National Park (in Spanish, Parque Nacional El Palmar) is one of Argentina's national parks, located on the center-west of the province of Entre Ríos, midway between the cities of Colón (54 km) and Concordia (60 km). It has an area of about 85 km² and was created in 1966 for the preservation of its characteristic Yatay palm trees (Syagrus yatay, formerly Butia yatay, Arecaceae family).

The park has a temperate-humid savanna ecosystem, typical of the Argentine Mesopotamia. The terrain features patches of palm trees of several species, grassland, small woods and forest, interrupted by streams flowing east into the Uruguay River. The local fauna includes woodpeckers, ñandús, foxes, viscachas, and capybaras.

El Palmar Plains.JPG