El Paso–Las Cruces, Texas–New Mexico, combined statistical area

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The El Paso–Las Cruces, Texas–New Mexico, combined statistical area consists of two counties in western Texas and one in southern New Mexico. This CSA was defined as part of the United States Office of Management and Budget's 2013 delineations for metropolitan, micropolitan, and combined statistical areas.[1] As of the 2015 census estimate, the CSA had a population of 1,053,267 making it the 54th largest combined statistical area in the United States.[2] The statistical area consists of the metropolitan areas of El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico. This CSA has a GDP of about $33 billion and would rank 58th nationally among all CSA or metro areas.[3] The total land area of the El Paso–Las Cruces combined statistical area is 9,402 sq. mi.


El Paso-Las Cruces CSA[4]
  El Paso, TX MSA
  Las Cruces, NM MSA


El Paso County[edit]

Doña Ana County[edit]

Hudspeth County[edit]

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