El Portil and Nuevo Portil

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El Portil and Nuevo Portil
Residential Area
Location in the Province of Huelva
Location in the Province of Huelva
El Portil and Nuevo Portil is located in Spain
El Portil and Nuevo Portil
El Portil and Nuevo Portil
Location in Spain
Coordinates: 37°12′08″N 7°06′00″W / 37.20222°N 7.10000°W / 37.20222; -7.10000
Country  Spain
Province Huelva
Comarca  Andalusia
Population (2016)
 • Total

Summer: 28,000 inhabitants

Rest of the year: 2,400 inhabitants
Demonym(s) Portileño/a
Time zone CET
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC)
Postal code 21459

El Portil and Nuevo Portil are two coastal towns in the Province of Huelva, autonomous community of Andalusia, in southern Spain. El Portil belongs to the municipality of Punta Umbría and Nuevo Portil from Cartaya. The stable population, in winter, is about 2400 inhabitants[1] about (1400 in Nuevo Portil (Cartaya) and 1000 in El Portil (Punta Umbria)), while in the Summer season, is around 28 000. Most of them, tourists from the provinces of Huelva, Seville, Badajoz, Madrid and even the Basque Country and Galicia.

Localisation and Tourism[edit]

Located parallel to the end zone of the Flecha de El Rompido, the economic activity is tourism. El Portil and Nuevo Portil has a beach of 4 km long and 40 meters wide. Further inland is the lagoon of the same name of great environmental value.

El Portil and Nuevo Portil, since its inception, has always had a considerable number of tourists, mainly Spanish, but also many foreigners. Foreign tourists most seen by these streets come from United Kingdom.


It was declared Center of National Tourist Interest in the 80's.

The core of Nuevo Portil is a newly created urban environment.

In the sixties, Punta Umbría segregates the municipality of Cartaya and that is when Nuevo Portil is proposed as a space for boosting tourism. In 1968 was the first revitalization plan that was unsuccessful without creating any development that was proposed.

Finally, in 1994, it was proposed to promote the area and carried out the action. El Portil and Nuevo Portil, was filled with cranes and heavy machinery, and of course, many workers, who worked hours and hours to finish what exists today. It was an investment of hundreds of millions of euros invested in houses essentially.

In recent years, it has developed a new impetus to the construction of a golf course and a couple of 4 star resorts that try to integrate in the idyllic surroundings of the pine forests of common field below and overlooking the sea.


The fair of El Portil and Nuevo Portil is scheduled for mid-August and is organized by the City of Punta Umbria and Cartaya. Although it has not always been very prominent, in recent years, it is gaining importance and is demonstrating every year that more people go to this. It is celebrated on the beach, the night of San Juan in the early hours from 23 to 24 June.


Beach of Nuevo Portil

The beach of El Portil and Nuevo Portil is a golden sand beach located in the Costa de la Luz, shared by two municipalities, that of Cartaya and Punta Umbría. The beach of El Portil and Nuevo Portil extends over 4 kilometers of golden sand, variable width depending on the tides. It has been awarded the Blue Flag and the usual state of the sea is calm waters.

Fine golden sand coincides with the end point of the mouth of the Piedras River and part of it is situated opposite the Flecha de El Rompido, which grows around eighty meters annually. Near it is the lagoon of the same name is listed as protected space. Bordered on the east with the Playa de La Bota.

Most of it is urbanized and with easy access. During World War II the government of Francisco Franco bunkers built in anticipation of a possible Allied invasion by the Huelva coast. You can still find traces of them.

In these beaches, the body of Major William Martin, central act of Operation Mincemeat was found on April 30, 1943.


Lagoon of El Portil

In El Portil we can find Los Enebrales and lagoons of El Portil.

  • The Lagoons Nature Reserve is formed from the wind and tides on the dunes. Cork oaks, junipers, pines, sedges, cattails and thickets are, among others, some of the species that we can find. These lakes also form an important part of the migratory routes of birds, because in them tend to pause in their long journeys. It is an area with varied flora and fauna where besides birds and flora must emphasize hedgehogs and chameleons.
  • We also found the area of Los Enebrales, which are 160 hectares declared as Natural Park. Enebrales are a dune ecosystem of continental marine transition where we find a dense, lush forest of junipers and pine, mastic, rosemary or black hawthorn. Its fauna include species like chameleons, chickadees, warblers, finches and buntings.

Sport Installations[edit]

In the part pertaining to Punta Umbría, there is a sports center with numerous facilities: two football courts, a basketball court, four tennis courts, two paddle courts and a gym

Entrepinos Community, the biggest one of El Portil and Nuevo Portil.

In Cartaya's area there are tennis and soccer albero parks with several medium banks.

The largest community is located in the Nuevo Portil (Cartaya) and is known as Entrepinos Urbanization, which has large gardens, a tennis court and a pool. It consists of 41 terraced houses, which, most of them were sold in 1998.

We find in Hoyo 5, tennis courts and new floodlit football.

In the part of Cartaya, in El Mirador there are also paddle tennis courts. In the Urbanization Playa Mariola, held every Summer an international tennis tournament among friends and neighbors.

In the beach area, opposite the Urbanization Miguel Ángel Sol, there is a magnificent spot Windsurf and Kitesurf running wind Southwest and West, so when there is storm in Galicia, works well. The area of the estuary between the sandbar and El Portil there is flat water, ideal for kite surfing and windsurfing beginners too, and outside the bar you can catch some waves.


The area has a health center (in the area belonging to Punta Umbría) and two pharmacies, one nearby health center, and the other one in the area of Cartaya.

If the emergency is too severe, it would be advisable to go to Huelva and go to the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital, which is a large and much more enabled emergency room. Although this indication to go to Huelva always have to be given by the doctor first.

Means of Transport[edit]

Car: Easy shortcuts from the railcars from Huelva, Punta Umbría, El Rompido and Cartaya.

Bus: El Portil and Nuevo Portil has buses of Damas SA that can take you to El Rompido, Cartaya, Punta Umbría and Huelva, primarily, although there are also direct buses to Aljaraque, Islantilla and Lepe, and even more destinations. From the bus station of Huelva you can move to a multitude of destinations such as Seville, Palos de la Frontera, Faro (Portugal), Madrid, Málaga, and Romania.

Bus schedules vary greatly depending on the season (Summer or Winter), as for example, the line of Huelva to El Portil and Nuevo Portil may vary from 40 buses daily in Summer to 10 in Winter. There aren't the same destinations for traveling in Summer than in Winter. For more information, see the schedule on the official website of Damas.

Taxis: Depending on the area where the person is, you should call a company or another:

- If you are in El Portil (Punta Umbría): 959 31 00 48

- If you are in Nuevo Portil (Cartaya): 959 10 54 00

Popular Restaurants[edit]

Italian food: 3 pizzerias are located in El Portil (Punta Umbría), one is Sicilia I and is located next to the Plaza de la Sal, another is Sicilia II and is located in front of the known bar As de Oro and beside the Casa Dino restaurant, and finally, La Trattoria, located at La Laguna Seca street.

Also there are 2 more pizzerias in Nuevo Portil (Cartaya), one is Cammilo e Peppone, located in the Marlin Blue Complex, and the another is the Pizzeria Génova, next to the ice cream parlor El Mirador.

The 5 pizzerias are opened every day of the week in Summer. However, in Winter, only open on weekends, although some like Cammilo e Peppone doesn't open in the whole Winter.

There is also the option of ordering home to Telepizza, which is located in Punta Umbría, but also takes orders to El Portil and Nuevo Portil

Traditional Food: The most famous restaurant without a doubt is the Las Dunas Restaurant, which is located in Nuevo Portil (Cartaya) and has an acceptable value. There are other bars that are located along the streets of the center, such as X El Morro, Punto y Aparte, La Colita or Zampa Gamba, which has homemade food every day. Furthermore, they are opened 365 days a year.

Burgers, sandwiches, kebabs and Mexican food: There is a popular restaurant called Casa Dino, located in front of As de Oro bar and next to the pizzeria Sicilia II. It is a very acquisitive restaurant prices (located in El Portil (Punta Umbría)) and where you can dine well taking some sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs etc. It is also the only one which does home delivery throughout El Portil and Nuevo Portil (plus Telepizza coming from Punta Umbría).

We also find a kebab in El Portil (Punta Umbría) located next to the famous Plaza de la Sal where you can buy kebabs, dünos, rolls etc. for very cheap prices as well.

There is also next to the Marlin Blue Complex, with Surf Bar, serving a rather varied food, from burgers to Mexican food.

Breweries: Several are in the area. The best known are 2, The New Coffee, which is located in front of the Las Dunas Restaurant and next to the Kaló bar , and Cervecería Raúl, which is located in the Plaza de la Sal and is well known in El Portil and Nuevo Portil. The first located in Nuevo Portil and the second one in El Portil.

Cocktail bar and tea rooms: There are 3 cocktail bar known, which are the Marlin Blue Complex mentioned above, the Kaló bar, which is also a tearoom, and finally the Aqua bar. The first 2 located in Nuevo Portil and the latter in El Portil.

Many of these restaurants have a day of rest, on Mondays, so it will be closed this day many of them.


Because it is a Summer area in which they live and come to visit a large number of people in Summer, it is important to know that the majority of these activities are only available in this season.

There are various activities that can be performed:

Kayaks, canoes and Paddel: They are located in the Nuevo Portil (Cartaya). Run by a local company called Flecha Extreme. They can be rented for a set on the way down to the nearby beach Las Dunas Restaurant, or in other ways time, where the Chiruinguito KM 6 is. For more information and contact visit the official website of Flecha Extreme.

Marlin Blue Complex: Very popular place in the area. It is situated in Nuevo Portil too. It consists of a cocktail bar, which is open the whole day, but when you really enjoy is at night. Also, there are 2 restaurants, one Italian (Cammilo e Peppone) and another staff varied food (Surf Bar).

Family bikes: Situated in Nuevo Portil and is a company that started in 2016. The company is from Seville and conducts this business called Cyclotour. It is a company which is housed in Summer on the beaches of Huelva. It is located on the main avenue of Nuevo Portil, right next to where the fair takes place. It consists of bicycles of considerable size (fits up to 5 people) which operate non-stop pedaling obviously. There are 2 types, bikes that fit 2 or 3 people and the second, which fit between 4 and 5. The shift can only be performed by El Portil and Nuevo Portil. Outside this zone it is prohibited. For more information visit the official website of Cyclotour.

The Other Band / The Arrow: This is the beach which is in front of the beach of El Portil and Nuevo Portil which is only accessible by boat. This may be one own membership, or if you have, you can take the popular boat The Papaprimero, which brings you from the shore of Nuevo Portil (Cartaya) to the sands of The Arrow for a small fee. Once there, you can enjoy seeing the real Atlantic Ocean with the sound of the surf. In addition, there is available a snack bar.

Fairs: As mentioned above, the fair of El Portil and Nuevo Portil is mid-August, however, there are other shows available very close, such as El Rompido (end of July), Punta Umbría (mid-August ) or even Huelva Capital, the famous Columbian, which last a week and are carried out in early August. El Portil (Punta Umbría), it also produces a kind of secondary show a much smaller size called Feria de la Gamba, which occurs in early August and is a pleasant evening accompanied by typical food of Huelva and live music.

Clubs: Previously, there was a popular nightclub thus which stood at the end of El Portil, next to La Laguna turned; however, this closed and El Portil and Nuevo Portil ran out of nightclub. In recent years it is having by the young industry, a popular demand for the opening of a new one. Right now, El Portil and Nuevo Portil can only conform to the exhibition of Royal Beach Club, which is not entirely a nightclub as that currently exist for young people, but is in the process supposed to be.

Karaoke: Located in the area of the mall. It is a kind of small square on the ground. In this one, there is a bar, which can be used if consumed something Karaoke asking the waiter.

Golf: There are ample golf courses throughout El Portil and Nuevo Portil, built in the last 12 years and also are very well maintained. It is a private golf club, but you can visit and play for not very high price. For more information, visit the office of Golf Complex.

Tourist Train: Train which takes next to the sports center. What brings the company Viztor Turística S.L. It is situated in the Nuevo Portil (Cartaya) and the trip costs 2 euros. It offers a journey through many streets of El Portil and Nuevo Portil and through a variety of restaurants in which both people train like they are eating saying "goodbye". For more information, visit the official website Viztor Trains.

Foam Party: Occurs at the end of August and is performed in the famous Plaza de la Sal, in the area of El Portil (Punta Umbría). It consists of guns of considerable size that spew foam through the holes in them. This event comes especially young people, although it is also easy to see older age people going to the party.


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