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Krency Garcia, better known as El Prodigio, is a famous merengue típico accordionist from Cabrera, Dominican Republic. He is known throughout the genre for his rapid instrumental solos, his origination of fusion in merengue tipico with genres like jazz,[1] and his rivalry with fellow accordionists, Geovanny Polanco and Kerube (head of the tipico band Kerubanda). While the latter two are slightly more traditional, El Prodigio is more experimental, and has included instruments such as trombone, trumpet, and wurlitzer piano in his lineup, along with the standard accordion, tambora, güira, conga, electric bass, and saxophones of today's merengue tipico.


As a child he played as long he could remember, first appearing in public at age 5, then playing on various children's TV shows that aired in the Dominican Republic. He later studied jazz in the United States, which he would use in his improvisation techniques and albums. In addition to fusion, he is also known for his interpretation of traditional merengue tipico and salsa standards, such as "Juanita Morel", "El Estrujao", "Cualquiera Llora (Tatico Llorando)" and "La Vida es un Carnaval". His American music interpretations include "Mountain Dance" (originally performed by Dave Grusin) and "Twist and Shout" by The Beatles.


  • El Hombre Acordeón En Vivo (2007)
  • Pambiche Meets Jazz (2005)
  • From Santo Domingo Live! (Vivo) (2005)
  • Cabecita Loca (2004)
  • En Vivo (2003)
  • Que Se Vaya (2001)
  • Se Alocó (1998)
  • Krency Garcia, El Prodigio y la banda tipica, Interplanetario
  • Krency Garcia, El Prodigio y la banda tipica, en vivo


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