El Profesor Hippie

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El profesor hippie
Directed by Fernando Ayala
Héctor Olivera
Produced by Fernando Ayala
Héctor Olivera
Written by Abel Santacruz
Starring Luis Sandrini
Roberto Escalada
Soledad Silveyra
Music by Jorge López Ruiz
Cinematography Victor Hugo Caula
Edited by Oscar Montauti
Distributed by Aries Cinematográfica Argentina
Release date
July 31, 1969
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

El Profesor Hippie is a 1969 Argentine musical comedy film directed by Fernando Ayala and written by Abel Santacruz which Ayala produced with Héctor Olivera. The film starred Luis Sandrini, Roberto Escalada and Soledad Silveyra. The film premiered on July 31, 1969 in Buenos Aires.

Plot Outline[edit]

Luis Sandrini plays a college professor who, because of his freethinking attitudes and concerns for moral questions over matters of business, has more in common with his students than his colleagues.


  • Luis Sandrini ... Professor Héctor 'Tito' Montesano
  • Roberto Escalada
  • Soledad Silveyra ... Nélida Echeverría
  • Oscar Orlegui
  • Alita Román
  • Eduardo Muñoz
  • Perla Santalla
  • Zelmar Gueñol
  • Carlos López Monet
  • Flora Steinberg
  • David Tonelli
  • Pablo Alarcón ... Demateis
  • Isidro Fernán Valdez
  • Marcia Bell

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