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El Reencuentro was the name that six ex-members of musical group Menudo used for their comeback concert remembering Menudo's golden era. Ricky Melendez, Rene Farrait, Miguel Cancel, Johnny Lozada, Ray Reyes and Charlie Masso re-joined to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their success in Latin America, North America, Spain and several other countries in the world. They started in 1998 as an experimental project and they had an unexpected success that continued until 2000 through North and Latin America.

On August 25, 2015, El Reencuentro announced that they would no longer be performing as a group.[1]

The group could not use the name Menudo because Edgardo Diaz threatened to take legal action if they did.

During 2015, four of the members of El Reencuentro went back on tour, this time under the name 'Menudomania Forever'. These included Masso, Farrait, Reyes and Cancel. They were joined from 13 other Menudo from different eras, including Robert Avellanet, Jonathan Montenegro and Rawy Torres.[2]


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