El Rosario National Park

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El Rosario National Park
Parque Nacional El Rosario
Country Guatemala
Region Petén
Municipality Sayaxché
Landmark Lake
River Pasión River
Location Sayaxché
 - elevation 150 m (492 ft)
 - coordinates 16°31′38″N 90°09′36″W / 16.52722°N 90.16000°W / 16.52722; -90.16000Coordinates: 16°31′38″N 90°09′36″W / 16.52722°N 90.16000°W / 16.52722; -90.16000
Area 11.05 km2 (4 sq mi)
Geology karst
Founded Acuerdo Gubernativo 10-10-80
Date 1980
Management INAB
Visitation allowed
IUCN category VIII

El Rosario National Park (Spanish pronunciation: [el roˈsaɾjo]) is located in El Petén, Guatemala, on the eastern edge of the town of Sayaxché. (16°31′38″N 90°09′36″W / 16.527163°N 90.160017°W / 16.527163; -90.160017 (El Rosario National Park)). The park is named after laguna El Rosario, a small lake within its boundaries, and was formerly a state owned finca managed by the National Forestry Institute (INAB).[1] In 1980 it was declared a national park. The park covers an area of 11.05 km², including the El Rosario lake, which has a surface area of 4 ha in the dry season, though it is considerably larger during the rainy season.[1][2]


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