El Sereno Skatepark

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El Sereno Skatepark
LocationEl Sereno, East Los Angeles, CA
Coordinates34°04′52″N 118°10′37″W / 34.08111°N 118.17694°W / 34.08111; -118.17694Coordinates: 34°04′52″N 118°10′37″W / 34.08111°N 118.17694°W / 34.08111; -118.17694
CreatedLos Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation
OpenAll year

El Sereno Skatepark is a skatepark in El Sereno, Los Angeles, California.[1][2][3]


In 2019, Dan Mancina and the REAL Team celebrated Mancina's board release at the El Sereno Skatepark.[2] In February 2019, Briana King hosted a Girl Skate Sesh at El Sereno Skatepark.[4]


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