El Shaddai Records

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El Shaddai Records
Elshaddai records.png
Founded 2006
Founder Phil Kennedy
Status Active
Country of origin Australia
Location Melbourne, Australia
Official website Elshaddairecords.net

El Shaddai Records is an independent record label founded in late 2006 and based in Melbourne, Australia. Shortly after the label began they announced that they had signed post-hardcore band House Vs. Hurricane and rock/hardcore band Forgiven Rival,[1] publishing numerous releases for both groups. In late 2009 El Shaddai Records continued on to sign deals with Antiskeptic,[2] and US groups A Plea for Purging,[3] and This Runs Through for the Australian releases of the bands′ recordings. 2010 saw the Australian release of He Is Legend's It Hates You and To Speak of Wolves' Following Voices. In 2011 El Shaddai Records had released the Blessed By A Broken Heart single Forever off their album Feel The Power which is due for release on the label 24 January 2012.

Current Artists[edit]

Former Artists[edit]

El Shaddai Records releases[edit]

Cat. # Artist Title Format
House Vs. Hurricane Comforting Our Thoughts in a Continuous Blue (Demo Single) (2007) Digital Single
ESR001 House Vs. Hurricane Comforting Our Thoughts in a Continuous Blue (Studio Single) (2008) Digital Single
ESR002 Forgiven Rival Life Behind The Lies (Single) (2008) Digital Single
ESR003/AMP050 Forgiven Rival This Is a War (2008) CD/LP
ESR004 Forgiven Rival The Request (Single) (2008) Digital Single
ESR005/AMP033 House Vs. Hurricane Forfeiture (2008) CD/EP
ESR006 Forgiven Rival Like the Effects of the Wind (Single) (2008) CD Single
Forgiven Rival The Grey (Single) (2009) Digital Single
ESR008 He Is Legend It Hates You (2010) CD/LP
ESR010 To Speak of Wolves Following Voices (2010) CD/DVD
ESR012 Forgiven Rival You Kiss Your Mumma With That Mouth (Single) (2010)[4] CD/LP
ESR009 Antiskeptic Goodbye Goodnight (Live Recording) (2011) CD/DVD
ESR013 Blessed By A Broken Heart Forever (2011) Digital Single
ESR014 Blessed By A Broken Heart Feel The Power (2012) CD/LP
ESR007 A Plea for Purging Depravity (2012) CD/LP
ESR011 This Runs Through Until Forever Finds Me (2012) CD/LP


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