El Toro (Menorca)

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Monte Toro
Monte Toro.JPG
View of El Toro from the Ben path in August 2006
Highest point
Elevation342 m (1,122 ft)
Prominence342 m (1,122 ft)
Coordinates39°59′6″N 4°6′49″E / 39.98500°N 4.11361°E / 39.98500; 4.11361Coordinates: 39°59′6″N 4°6′49″E / 39.98500°N 4.11361°E / 39.98500; 4.11361
LocationMenorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

El Toro in Catalan, sometimes known by its Spanish name of Monte Toro, is the tallest hill of the island of Menorca, rising to a height of 342 m (1,122 ft). The mountain is home to the Sanctuary of the Verge del Toro. The mountain's summit can be accessed by automobile or on foot, from which there is a fantastic view of the nearby areas of the island.

El Toro is designated as an ANEI (protected natural area).


The name "Toro" is an evolution, in part for the different languages and cultures that have passed in the island, of the catalan (menorquí) word "Turó", which means Hill. The name could also be derived from Arabic, coming from tor or al-tor which means 'height'.


Monte Toro rises above the surrounding farmland and foothills approximately 2 miles (3km) east from the central town of Es Mercadal, in the centre of the island. It can be seen from places throughout the island and is instantly recognisable, due to the fact it is Menorca's only prominent summit.

The view of El Toro and Alaior


On a clear day, you can see the whole of the island, especially the northern region from Ciutadella to Fornells and even the mountains of Mallorca.

Monuments of interest[edit]

The summit of el Toro at Dusk

At its summit is the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Toro, an old Gothic church from 1670. There is also a statue of Christ, a gift shop and a restaurant with excellent views.

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