El Triste (album)

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El Triste
El Triste (album).jpeg
Studio album by José José
Released 1970 (México)
Recorded Mexico
Genre Latin pop
Label RCA
José José chronology
La Nave Del Olvido
(1970)La Nave Del Olvido1970
El Triste
Buscando Una Sonrisa
(1971)Buscando Una Sonrisa1971

El Triste (The sad one) is the title of the second studio album released by Mexican singer José José in 1970.

Like its predecessor, this album projected him to internationalization, due to his performance in the "II Festival de la Canción Latina" ("Latin Song Festival II", predecessor of the OTI Festival) held on March 25, 1970, representing Mexico with the songs "El Triste" by Roberto Cantoral and "Dos" by Welo Rivas, obtaining the third place (according to the jury), in front of an audience that filled the Teatro Ferrocarrilero of Mexico City, who admired his extraordinary performance (claiming he deserved first place). Despite this, "El Triste" was consolidated as an international hit, allowing him to start to tour throughout the United States and Latin America.

Its main hits besides "El Triste" and "Dos" are "Alguien Vendrá", "Mi Niña" and "Esa Canción de Ayer". Its genre is mainly Latin pop with a jazz trend, that can be heard in the arrangements of songs such as "La Noche De Los Dos", "Amoras" or "A Partir De Hoy".

Track listing[edit]

  1. Alguien Vendrá (Sergio Esquivel-Memo Salamanca)
  2. Mi Niña (Scottie Scott)
  3. La Noche De Los Dos (Felipe Gil)
  4. Llegará (Víctor M. Mato)
  5. Dios Es Amor (Roberto Cantoral)
  6. El Triste (Roberto Cantoral)
  7. Esa Canción De Ayer (Jaco Seller-José Luis Fernández)
  8. Nunca Me Dejes (Blanca Aldás)
  9. ¡Oh, Gente! (Sergio Esquivel-Memo Salamanca)
  10. Amoras (Roberto Cantoral)
  11. A Partir De Hoy (Armando Manzanero)
  12. Dos (Wello Rivas)
  • 1,6,9 Orchestra by Chucho Ferrer
  • 2,5,7,8,11 Orchestra by Enrique Neri
  • 2,5,10, 12 Orchestra by Eduardo Magallanes
  • 9 Orchestra by Mario Patrón