El Wak, Somalia

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Country Somalia
DistrictEl Wak District
Population (2017)
 • Total120,000
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

"Ceelwaaq" is a divided city on the Somalia-Kenya border. The Somali portion is located in the southwestern Gedo region, where it is the seat of one of the region's seven districts.


The place name "CeelWaaq". In the Afro-Asiatic Somali language, the word Ceel means "meesha biyaha laga shubto " and the word Waaq comes from Waaq, an archaic Oromo, Somali term for God/ Allah in arabic.[1] Many cities and towns in Somalia similarly have Ceel as a toponymic element, which suggests the importance of water wells for the region's mostly pastoral clans.


CeelWaaq is situated in the CeelWaaq District. It is bordered by the Bardera and Garbaharey districts on the east, and the Somali-inhabited North Eastern Province to the west.


The area is rich in camels, cows, sheep and goats. Most of the local population are thus pastoralists, and also engage in small business and trade.


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Somalia, Gedo region. Ceelwaaqo is located east of Garbahrey, west of baardhera. borders with kenya. mostly people living in the region are pastoralized. Tribes live in the region are Marehan, garre. the city is control by Garre. The Marehan are newcomers to Eelwaaq and tried to capture the city like they did in Baardhere for example. The Marihan suffered a shamful defeat by the hands of Garre malitia in 2005. The Marihan lost 350 fighters. Since that time the Marihan gave up its claim on Eelwaaq