El barro humano

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El Barro humano
Directed by Luis César Amadori
Starring Zully Moreno
Carlos López Moctezuma
Juan José Miguez
Jorge Salcedo
Nelly Panizza
Felisa Mary
Music by Tito Ribero
Cinematography Antonio Merayo
Release date
Running time
104 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

El Barro humano is a 1955 Argentine film. Directed and written by Luis César Amadori; based on the theater play by Luis Rodríguez Acassuso. The movie was released on May 2, 1955 and rated PG 16.[1]


  • Zully Moreno as Mercedes Romero de Vargas Peña
  • Carlos López Moctezuma as Eduardo Vargas Peña
  • Juan José Míguez as Octavio Reyes
  • Jorge Salcedo as Fiscal
  • Nelly Panizza as Elisa Márbiz
  • Felisa Mary as Clara
  • Héctor Calcaño as Felipe Romero
  • Ricardo Galache as Néstor Rómulo
  • Domingo Sapelli as Presidente del tribunal


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