El bosque del lobo

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El bosque del lobo
El bosque del lobo.jpg
Directed by Pedro Olea
Produced by Pedro Olea
Written by Pedro Olea
Juan Antonio Porto
Carlos Martínez-Barbeito (novel)
Starring José Luis López Vázquez
Music by Antonio Pérez Olea
Cinematography Aurelio G. Larraya
Edited by José Antonio Rojo
Release date
22 April 1971 Spain
Running time
87 minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish

El Bosque del Lobo is a Spanish drama film directed by Pedro Olea and based on a novel by Carlos Martínez-Barbeito.

The story concerns a man who is accused of being a werewolf, and is partially based on the life of Manuel Blanco Romasanta and his mythically alleged lycanthropy.


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