Elachista dimicatella

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Elachista dimicatella
Elachista dimicatella.jpg
Elachista dimicatella
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Elachistidae
Genus: Elachista
Species: E. dimicatella
Binomial name
Elachista dimicatella
Rebel, 1903[1]

Elachista dimicatella is a moth of the Elachistidae family. It is found in the mountains from Germany and Poland to the Pyrenees, Italy and Romania.

The wingspan is about 10 millimetres (0.39 in).[2]

The larvae feed on Alopecurus pratensis, Anthoxanthum odoratum, Calamagrostis arundinacea, Calamagrostis villosa, Dactylis glomerata, Deschampsia cespitosa, Holcus mollis, Milium effusum, Phleum alpinum, Poa alpina, Poa chaixii, Sesleria albicans, Sesleria caerulea, Sesleria sadlerana tatrae. They mine the leaves of their host plant. The mine starts just below the leaf tip. The frass is deposited in parallel strands. Pupation takes place outside of the mine.[3] Larvae can be found from the end June to early July.


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