Elachista stabilella

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Elachista stabilella
Elachista stabilella.jpg
Scientific classification
E. stabilella
Binomial name
Elachista stabilella
Stainton, 1858
  • Biselachista stabilella Traugott-Olsen & Nielsen, 1977
  • Cosmiotes stabilella Clemens, 1860

Elachista stabilella is a moth of the family Elachistidae. It is found from Scandinavia to Switzerland and from Great Britain to Romania. It is also present on the Iberian Peninsula and Russia (Transbaikalia and western Siberia).[1]

The wingspan is 7–8 millimetres (0.28–0.31 in). Adults are on wing from April to May and again from June to July.[2]

The larvae feed on Agrostis, Avena fatua, Brachypodium pinnatum, Brachypodium sylvaticum, Calamagrostis, Deschampsia cespitosa, Festuca arundinacea, Milium effusum and Poa badensis. They mine the leaves of their host plant. The mine has the form of a long narrow yellowish corridor, descending from the leaf tip to the base. Three to four larvae can be found on a single leaf and several larvae may be found in a single mine. Pupation takes place outside of the mine.[3] They are yellowish with a pale brown head. Larvae can be found from February to the end of May and again from June to July.


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