Eladio Valdés

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Eladio "Black Bill" Valdés

Eladio "Black Bill" Valdés (July 1905 – May 14, 1933) was a Cuban boxer of the 1920s.

Small of stature at 5 feet, 3.5 inches and weighing between 109–115 pounds, he was managed by Luis "Pincho" Gutiérrez and trained by Moe Fleischer. He made his first official appearance on September 11, 1920 (at age 15) in a fight in Havana, his native city, where he defeated Diego Blanco in the fourth round.

Valdés continued to fight throughout the 1920s, dividing his fights between Havana and New York City, where the vast majority of his contests took place. Although he was neither large nor a power hitter, he was known for throwing opponents off guard by attacking with agility and angled punches. During his career, he defeated opponents such as Johnny McCoy, Willie Davies, "Corporal" Izzy Schwartz, Sammy Bienfield, the French boxer Eugène Huat, Happy Atherton, Genaro Pino, Marty Gold, Bobby Green, Henry Catena and Benny Marks.

Valdés committed suicide while in Harlem, New York, on May 14, 1933.[1]


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